eCommeleon is a SaaS solution designed specifically for marketplace sellers, brands and services, and brings more than a decades’ worth of experience into one intuitive tool. As a spin-off from InterCultural Elements (ICE), one of the first companies to offer services designed to help retailers expand internationally via marketplaces, eCommeleon is a software solution which allows retailers to bring ICE’s marketplace expertise in house.

In 2019, eCommeleon was created as a separate entity in order to cater for a broader market than would be possible for a services agency such as ICE. eCommeleon still works closely with ICE, allowing customers to take advantage of the international aspects of ICE (translation, customer service, account management) to augment elements of the software which are best handled by international native speakers.

About ecommeleon

WE Leipzig

For hundreds of years, traders met at the crossroads of two of medieval Europe’s most important trade routes – the Via Regia and the Via Imperii. At that very intersection, Leipzig became a hub for international trade long before commerce earned it’s ‘e’.

Leipzig developed a prominent musical, philosophical and scientific scene which has continued to thrive and remained significant throughout the ages. Among many notable names, Leipzig was home to Mendelssohn, Goethe, Nietzsche, Wagner and Bach.

Nowadays the increasingly-hyped East German city plays host to many international trade fairs including the Buchmesse; and in the corporate sphere, to DHL’s European hub, and major offices for BMW, Porsche and Siemens, as well as a burgeoning startup scene of which eCommeleon is now part.


WE Leipzig
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