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Struggling to onboard new sellers, or finding that existing sellers are providing poor quality listing information?

eCommeleon can help you onboard more sellers with more products in less time, to help you focus on growing your marketplace.

Create New Listings Once
Using eCommeleon

Import or upload your existing data from one or multiple sources to use as the basis, or create new product data from scratch directly in eCommeleon.
Collaborate with your team, clients or external users to create optimised product data for marketplaces around the world.
Export your product listings in the format you need, ready to list on marketplaces via your own technology solution or directly in the marketplace back-end.
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Validate Listings in eCommeleon

Instead of manually checking the quality of your sellers' listings, you can rely on eCommeleon to validate all product data against your specific requirements, showing both your team and the seller when something needs to be changed.

eCommeleon will also help your sellers to assign as many attributes to their listings as possible, helping them to succeed on your marketplace.


Onboard New Sellers Quickly

Regardless of the tech stack used by your seller-partners, eCommeleon can help them to onboard to your marketplace with little-to-no integration effort required on their side.

Ready to stop adding would-be sellers to a waiting list? Let us onboard them for you!


Receive Product Data in the Way You Need it.

Got a complex process for receiving product data from sellers, or a complicated way of managing variation relationships? No problem. No matter which format you need the product sent to you, we can accommodate. eCommeleon was built specifically to handle the most complex marketplace requirements and we're yet to meet a marketplace we couldn't handle.


Case Study: Wundercurves

Don't just take our word for it! Click below to discover how we helped this German marketplace onboard more sellers.

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eCommeleon enabled us to rapidly integrate partners on our marketplace and ensure high quality data.

We are more than happy with the eCommeleon solution and the professional team. We are very satisfied with the solution both from a technical and from a business perspective. eCommeleon exceeded our expectations and we frequently recommend eCommeleon to merchants we work with.

Stephan Schleuss CEO, Wundercurves


Onboard More Sellers
in 3 Simple Steps


Connect the Seller's Data

Whether by API, (S)FTP, or file upload(s), your seller just needs to connect their existing product data to eCommeleon.

You can even ask them to send you an Amazon flat file, and we'll take care of the rest.


Optimise Product Data

Whether it's done by your team, our team, or the seller themselves, someone can now use eCommeleon to create highly optimised product content for your marketplace and validate it against your requirements.


Setup Templates and Processes

Now we've got a working process for this seller, we can build a process to help them easily add new items in the future and to ensure that orders from your marketplace are pushed into their existing system.

What You Get

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A Reliable Onboarding Partner

Our team have been helping sellers expand into new marketplaces since 2007 so we understand their needs and perspectives when starting to sell on a new channel.

Reduced Onboarding Time

We can help get more sellers with more products onto your marketplace quicker than ever before, allowing your team to focus on growing your marketplace.

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Higher Quality Product Data

Your templates, displayed in eCommeleon, will allow sellers to quickly and easily create highly optimised product listings based specifically on the requirements set by your marketplace.

eCommeleon surprised me with their hands-on mentality and their quick solutions in every part of the integration process. Quick responses as well as always keeping agreements helped enormously to speed up the project. For us at Limango communication is the key indicator for a working partnership and that is why eCommeleon and Limango are a perfect match.

Julia Dopfer Limango Marketplace


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