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eCommeleon for Publishers

eCommeleon & LKG partnered in 2021 to help publishers around Europe take advantage of eCommerce without becoming reliant on Amazon.

The marketplace expertise offered by eCommeleon combined with the publishing expertise from a 75+ year old wholesale company gives you a complete solution tailored specifically for publishers.

Create New Listings Once
Using eCommeleon

Import or upload your existing data from one or multiple sources to use as the basis, or create new product data from scratch directly in eCommeleon.
Collaborate with your team, clients or external users to create optimised product data for marketplaces around the world.
Export your product listings in the format you need, ready to list on marketplaces via your own technology solution or directly in the marketplace back-end.
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A Direct Integration
to Marketplaces

Through one simple connection from your existing systems, you can offer your books and other products for sale on marketplaces around the world.


Higher Margins by
Selling D2C

Rather than selling to Amazon, you can now sell via Amazon, and other marketplaces, to reach your readers directly and secure a higher margin on each sale.

We can help you setup your own selling account marketplaces or we can sell on your behalf via the accounts of our partner, LKG.


A Partnership for

eCommeleon partnered with the Leipzig-based commission and wholesale book trading company, LKG, to offer a complete solution for publishers wishing to sell on marketplaces.

LKG are specialists in the distribution of books and other products and work with some of Europe's largest publishing houses.

Partner Company


Case Study:
LKG Group

Learn more about the partnership between eCommeleon and this 75+-year-old, fulfilment & distribution provider to incorporate marketplaces into their business in just a few short months.


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Thanks to eCommeleon, our entire customer base can now easily sell all of their products on marketplaces around the world, with orders coming straight into our system ready for us to dispatch to the end customer.

Frank Schulze, CEO LKG Group


Start Selling on Marketplaces
in 3 Simple Steps


Connect to eCommeleon

Connect your system to ours to ensure that we can push product data to all marketplaces.


Start Selling
On Marketplaces

You can now begin offering your products on marketplaces in your target countries - as many as you would like!


Fulfil Your

Start sending books to your readers and if you're unable to keep up with the demand, talk to our partner LKG.

What You Get

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Access to New
Sales Channels

The eCommeleon / LKG partnership can help you access new sales channels around Europe and beyond; direct to consumer, business-to-business, online & offline; leave it to us!

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You want to sell on marketplaces, but don't know how? No problem! Our team have been working with marketplaces since 2007 and we're happy to share our expertise with you.

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One Solution for
All Channels

You can rely on the 75+ year experience of our partners at LKG to handle all your fulfilment needs; whether it's sending pallets to B2B buyers or a single book to a consumer, we've got you covered.

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