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Integration Manager

Connecting your product data to different online marketplaces can be an overwhelming, complex process and often requires expert technical knowledge.

With eCommeleon, the integrations you need to start selling online already exist. Our Integration Manager pulls everything together and puts control back in your hands so you don’t have to figure things out on your own.

Quickly Connect Any Marketplace to
Your Existing Setup

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Create listings that meet the requirements of each marketplace you want to sell on.
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List your products directly on your target marketplace and receive orders into your order management system.
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Automatically update values, required fields, and optional attributes to improve searchability and boost sales.
one connection for all marketplaces

One Connection for All Marketplaces

Rather than creating and maintaining your own APIs, you can use ours to connect to marketplaces across the world


An Automated and Validated Data Flow

We'll set up a data feed for your product information to each marketplace from your system(s), giving you a no-touch solution for marketplaces. Listings will be validated against the marketplace requirements and you can quick-fix any data issues.

enhanced listings

A Real Set and Forget for Marketplaces

Once your system is connected to ours, your new listings will be created and updated automatically as required by the target marketplace, with an option for you to quick-fix listings if you get errors from the marketplace.

List on Any Marketplace in
3 Simple Steps


Connect Your Listings

Connect product data feeds (e.g. from your website, PIM, or even a Google Sheet), or upload existing marketplace data (e.g. Amazon Flat Files) directly to eCommeleon. This will serve as the basis for your new marketplace listings.


Map Your Data

We'll build an optimised data flow to your target marketplace based on your needs and the requirements set by each target channel. When you need to add new products, simply do so via your existing process and eCommeleon will take care of the rest!


Quick-Fix Your Listings

Need to make changes to your marketplace listings? No problem! Quickly and easily solve errors with your product data for each channel based specifically on the marketplace requirements.

What You Get

Instant Marketplace Integrations

Integrate your listings to multiple global marketplaces with almost no set-up time.

Complete Technical Flexibility

Get a fully customisable product
designed to fit your process rather than
changing the way you work.

More Free

Automate the posting of listing on new marketplaces. Use your newly saved time to grow your business or do more of the things you love.

Ready to Get Started on Marketplaces?

eCommeleon can give you the expertise and flexibility you need to hit the market and scale your business faster.