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With 8 million members and 1.7 million customers, Limango (part of the OTTO Group) is regarded in Germany as a go-to for sale-actions across curated brands & products. Limango offers many opportunities to promote your products throughout the year, beyond the typical sale periods such as Black Friday.

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Loyal Customers

On average, Limango customers purchase 5.1 products per year
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No.1 Platform for Young Families

95% of Limango's customers are women, primarily mothers, between the ages of 25 and 50

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Limited Competition

Due to its niche audience and selective onboarding process, there is less competition on Limango compared to larger marketplaces

Start Selling on Limango with eCommeleon

Limango has a complicated onboarding process, but you can skip that with eCommeleon and start selling right away!

Selling on Limango with eCommeleon

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Direct Integration

Through our integration with Limango, you can create & maintain all your listings with eCommeleon.

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Save Time

Save time through rule-based content creation and optimisation, specific to Limango channel requirements
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Collect Orders

eCommeleon can pass your Limango orders directly into your existing system and even help with the creation of despatch notes & invoices

Key Information

Located in Europe's strongest eCommerce market, Limango is a major marketplace player in Germany and is particularly trusted amongst young women and families. Limango's online shop is also available in Austria, Poland & The Netherlands and plans to expand their marketplace offering here as well.
Limango offers most major categories, but their primary focus is on products that will be appealing to their clientele; women & young families. As such, fashion, baby, toys, home & garden are some of their most popular categories.
Selling Options

The marketplace model offered by Limango is a B2C option only, but as a traditional retailer they also offer a B2B model, purchasing products from selected brands to resell on their website.

Limango is technically the seller of record for marketplace customers; purchasing the product from you in the moment that they sell it to their customer. As such, Limango requires that you create invoices on their behalf - something which eCommeleon enables automatically.

You're in good company on Limango, with many trusted brands selling here including Deichmann, Butlers, myToys, Protest, Sheego, Leonardo
Limango doesn't charge a monthly fee, which means you only pay when you make a sale. Unlike most marketplaces, Limango don't have fixed commission rates - instead negotiating a fair rate with each seller to help ensure you can run a profitable business on their marketplace.

eCommeleon sellers also benefit from a short-time discount on their commissions, as well as other benefits. Contact us to learn more about this.
Limango pay out your sales proceeds at the start of each month
Selling Requirements
As Limango is a German marketplace, you are required to provide product content in German as well as to be able to handle German customer service enquiries. Limango also requires that you have an EU business entity, but eCommeleon can help you our here if this isn't an option for you. Limango is a gated marketplace so you'll need to be approved as a seller before you can get started. Additionally, the Limango team checks new listings to ensure the quality meets their standards before going live. Don't worry though, eCommeleon can help you with both parts of this process.

For us at Limango, communication is the key indicator for a working partnership and that is why eCommeleon and Limango are a perfect match!

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Julia Dopfer
Project Manager, Limango

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