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After more than 70 years, the OTTO brand is a household name in Germany and your top alternative to Amazon in Europe's largest eCommerce market.
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A Household Name

Founded in 1949, the OTTO name is known and respected Germany-wide

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Germany's Answer to Amazon


Second, only to Amazon, the OTTO marketplace is your best bet for tackling the German eCommerce market

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Happy Customers

OTTO takes care of all first-line customer service, so you don't have to!

Start Selling on OTTO with eCommeleon

OTTO have a lot of requirements to start selling. Whilst this puts off a lot of sellers, it means that there are probably fewer competitors for you to worry about. And don't worry, we'll help you navigate your way through these requirements to get you selling on OTTO before you know it!

Selling on OTTO with eCommeleon

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A Complete Solution

Need a local fulfilment provider or German GmbH to start selling? No problem - we can help you with everything you need to get started!

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Direct Integration

OTTO's API isn't the simplest, but we're all over it. You can create and manage your listings directly using eCommeleon.

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Always Up to Date

As soon as OTTO make changes to their requirements, eCommeleon will help you ensure your listings are up to date.

Key Information


OTTO is one of the most tradition-rich commerce (yep, before eCommerce earned it's 'e') companies. They began as a catalogue company in 1949 and grew in popularity across Germany throughout the 20th Century. In 1995, OTTO opened began their eCommerce journey with an online store.

The OTTO group consists of many other well known brands across Europe, including Limango, AboutYou, My Toys & more.


OTTO offers most major categories: fashion & lifestyle, home & garden, sports, and consumer electronics but as of 2021, sellers of pet supplies, nutritional supplements or books can't sell on OTTO.

Selling Options

The marketplace model offered by OTTO is a B2C option only, but as a traditional retailer, they also offer a B2B model, purchasing products from selected brands to resell on their website.


On OTTO, you can expect less competition and price wars than on other marketplaces, due to the fact that OTTO is a restricted marketplace, limited to established brands or sellers of innovative products with a German entity and warehouse in Germany. There are less than 1,000 retailers and no known competition from Asian exporters.


OTTO charges a monthly fee for listing products and accessing their backend system. The commission rates are category specific and vary between 7% (electronics) and 18% (jewelry), with an average of 14%.


Otto pays out your sales proceeds weekly

Selling Requirements

In order to be able to sell on OTTO, you need to have a German business entity and ship orders from a warehouse located in Germany. As OTTO is a German marketplace, you are also required to provide product content in German as well as to be able to handle German customer service inquiries. OTTO is a gated marketplace, you will have to apply as a new retailer. OTTO pays particular attention to product and data quality.

If you need help setting up a German business entity, finding a German fulfilment solution, getting German product content or customer service, we can help you - get in touch today to find out more.

eCommeleon guided us through the whole process of selling on OTTO; from opening an account through to getting the first sales. It's now a growing part of our business.

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