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Marketplace Services

We can help you navigate your way through the ins-and-outs of building, growing or scaling your marketplace business.

The Elements of Marketplace Success

The 8 factors below are essential to the success of any marketplace business. Whether you need help with one or all of them, eCommeleon has a solution for you.


1: Marketplace Accounts

For a variety of reasons, it's often not easy to open an account to start selling on certain marketplaces. Even before the eCommerce boom of 2020, many marketplaces struggled with vetting and onboarding new sellers and with different requirements for each channel, it can be hard to know what's expected of you.

We can help you prepare for expansion to new channels bypass waiting lists or sell your products via our established selling accounts.

2: Logistics

Tackling the logistics requirements for eCommerce marketplaces can be a challenge and it's hard to find a solution for all channels or to avoid becoming dependent on FBA.

From our partner warehouse here in Germany,  we can take care of storage, fulfilment & returns for all of your European marketplaces.

3: Technology

eCommeleon’s pioneering technology seamlessly integrates you with leading marketplaces worldwide, creating quality listings, automating processes, and receiving order data from multiple channels.

Designed with flexibility at it's core, eCommeleon is able to fit into your processes regardless of your existing technology stack.

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4: Product Listings

Every marketplace has its own requirements for how you can create your listings and how you should provide them to the channel.

eCommeleon collects all of these requirements into one simple portal, allowing you to create channel-specific product data without changing your core information. We'll validate your listings against the marketplace requirements and make it easy to enhance listings on a channel by channel basis.

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5: Advertise Your Products

Each new marketplace channel will present a range of opportunities to promote your listings as well as new challenges and costs when doing so.

We'll help you navigate the range of paid advertising options for each marketplace as well as enhancing your product data to increase organic sales.

6: Customer Service

Every marketplace handles customer service differently. Some handle the whole process for you and only get in touch with your team for product-specific or pre-sales enquiries, others require you to offer real-time, multi-lingual customer service.

Our marketplace customer service partner can take over the entire process for any of your marketplace accounts, providing your buyers the best possible experience and keeping your account in tip-top shape.

7: Expansion & Scaling

Processes honed for one marketplace will generally not be suitable for another.

When you’re ready to expand into new marketplaces, domestically or internationally, we can help. We'll build a process to efficiently list your products on as many marketplaces as you want.

Best of all, you won’t have to change a single process as you add more marketplaces in the future.

8: Marketplace Expertise

Our team have been helping marketplace sellers since 2007 and have the expertise to turn your eCommerce business into a marketplace success

We can take the whole project off your hands, or help educate your team and establish processes to take care of third-party channels all by yourself.

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