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Ever felt like a piece of software wasn't quite built for your needs? Well do we have news for you...

eCommeleon was built specifically for the needs of a marketplace agency. That's right, we know what's it's like to deal with sellers with messy (or no) product data, yet expect to be selling on every marketplace yesterday.

Create New Listings Once
Using eCommeleon

Import or upload your existing data from one or multiple sources to use as the basis, or create new product data from scratch directly in eCommeleon.
Collaborate with your team, clients or external users to create optimised product data for marketplaces around the world.
Export your product listings in the format you need, ready to list on marketplaces via your own technology solution or directly in the marketplace back-end.
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clean, prepare, enhance and export product data

Clean, Prepare, Enhance and Upload Product Data

Whether your clients store product data in existing software, various spreadsheets, or a mixture of various sources, you can use eCommeleon to easily create a workable basis for their new marketplace listings.
You can then optimise, transform and manage this for as many global marketplaces as your clients need, ready to list via eCommeleon, their existing system, or via upload files.


Collaborate Across and
Within Teams

The eCommeleon process replaces the complexity of working in spreadsheets, allowing multiple people in your team to work on the same projects at the same time and to get valuable input from your clients in real-time.

With the eCommeleon process, it is possible for multiple people in your team and your clients to work on the same projects at the same time, all without the complexity and chaos of multi-user spreadsheets. One simple process for everyone.


Capture Internal Expertise in Processes

Teams change; people come and go, but the processes behind the team should be solid with each team member should able to profit from and contribute to, the combined expertise of your agency so that your clients continue to benefit from your services.

New employees can be onboarded quicker and teams can be confident that any unexpected personnel changes won't upset the workflow.

Help Your Clients
in 3 Simple Steps


Upload Your Existing Data

Import or upload your clients' existing product data, create listings from scratch in eCommeleon, or choose a combination of options for the basis of new marketplace listings.


Choose Your Marketplace

Select your target marketplace and decide how you'd like to create listings there. Create and optimise listings based on the channel requirements, then save this process as a template for future projects.


Export Your
Product Data

Create new listings directly from eCommeleon or export them in the file type & format your client needs to upload this via their listing tool, existing integration, or in the marketplace seller portal.

What You Get

One Process for all Channels

Leverage the Data Creator to create, optimise, and validate all product data, ready to list on any sales channel - no matter how complex the needs of the marketplace or your client.

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Access to More

Attract more customers by increasing the number of marketplaces you can help them sell on without having to understand how each one works.

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Quickly Grow
Your Team

Tell HR to stop looking for another Amazon expert; anyone can join your team and start adding immediate value to your marketplace customers' accounts.

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