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Product Centre

eCommeleon’s Product Centre provides you with one easy-to-use platform to manage all your product data.

Create, optimise, and manage your data in one place, for all sales channels and marketplaces. Simple as that.

Your Single Source of Truth

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One simple portal with an intuitive interface to manage all your eCommerce product data.
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Create fully enriched product listings across all marketplaces in just a few clicks.
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Ensure information consistency across all sales channels.
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your PIM for marketplaces

Your PIM for Marketplaces

We don’t want to change the way you work. We want to make your work easier.

That’s why we designed our marketplace management technology to adjust to your existing tools and tech stack, with flexibility at its core.

Whether you use the latest eCommerce solutions, legacy software, or good old Microsoft Excel to manage your products, eCommeleon will seamlessly plug into your existing processes.

one process for all channels

One Process for All Channels

Stay in total control of product data. Use a single, user-friendly portal to send consistent messaging across consumer sales channels and modify your marketplaces in real-time — all without disrupting business operations.

eCommeleon adapts so you don't have to.

a real single source of truth

A Real Single Source of Truth

Create or import the basic data for each of your products and allow eCommeleon to use this as the basis for your marketplace listings.

Rather than cluttering your existing system with "Amazon_Colour", "Walmart_Colour", "eBay _Colour" etc., eCommeleon gives each channel the information about your products in the way they need it without impacting your core data.

optimise listings for each marketplace

Optimise & Validate Listings for Each Marketplace

With eCommeleon, you can quickly validate your listings against the ever-changing marketplace requirements, on a per-channel basis, in real-time.

This ensures your listings are always up to date and optimised for search as soon as buyers begin applying filters.

Manage Your Product Data
in 3 Simple Steps


Organise Product Data

Create new listings, import existing data from your current technology or combine multiple sources to serve as the basis of your product data.


Start Selling on Marketplaces

Use our suite of marketplace tools, to create quality listings for marketplaces without impacting the core information about your products.


Optimise & Scale your Marketplace Business

Find & assign the best categories and attributes for your listings to ensure your products are found no matter where your buyers are.

What You Get

A Single Source of Truth for Your Products

Use just one, easy-to-use interface to create, optimise, and manage all product data across channels and marketplaces.

More Products on More Marketplaces in Less Time

Stop wasting hours trying to figure out the nuances of different marketplaces and start selling immediately with eCommeleon.

One Process for All Sales Channels

The eCommeleon process is exactly the same for all marketplaces, whether you opt for our SaaS solution or outsource everything to us.



Looking to Get Started on Marketplaces?

eCommeleon can give you the expertise and flexibility you need to hit the market and scale your business faster.