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Selling D2C with Marketplaces

Perhaps you've always relied on retail & distribution partners to sell your products on marketplaces, or maybe you've shied away from marketplaces in general because they "cheapen the brand".

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that marketplaces are here to stay and if you're not controlling how your brand is represented on them, someone will be.

It's a Jungle Out There.
Let Us Show You the Way.

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Connect your ERP system to eCommeleon and benefit from our marketplace specific tools and functionalities to enhance your listings for marketplaces around the world.
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Prepare product data for any online sales channel using the same process, ensuring consistent brand messaging and streamlined workflows.
Utilise our existing marketplace APIs for creating new product listings and to receive orders directly into your order system.
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Consistent Messaging Across All Sales Channels

Your buyers, wherever they are, expect a consistent experience from your brand. The messaging should be the same whether it's on your website, offline, or on marketplaces. Thanks to eCommeleon, you can adapt your product listings for specific sales channels whilst remaining consistent.


Take Control of
Your Marketplace Presence

Tired of marketplace cowboys cheapening your brand with bad images and poorly written product content?

eCommeleon can help you regain control of the way your products are displayed on marketplaces around the world without upsetting existing retail partnerships.


Sell D2C via Marketplaces

Whether you're using legacy software, a top-of-the-range ERP, custom-built solutions or a bunch of old spreadsheets, eCommeleon adapts to your processes so you can start selling D2C via marketplaces straight away.


Case Study:
LKG Group

Learn how eCommeleon helped this 75-year-old company transition from a B2B to a D2C model in just 3 months.


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eCommeleon helped us transition to a D2C marketplace business quicker than we could've imagined possible. Thanks to their marketplace expertise, we can now sell on marketplaces around Germany without having to overhaul our internal processes.

Frank Schulze CEO, LKG Group


3 Ways to Use
Marketplaces as a Brand


As a Sales

Let's put the obvious one first. Selling D2C, you can control every aspect of the buying journey, ensuring it aligns with your brand messaging and making a higher margin on sales in the process.


As a Marketing Channel

Brands have access to many more marketing options on marketplaces than typical retailers do. You can create quality product pages with enhanced content to make your products stand out.


As a Value-Add for Retailers

If D2C isn't part of your strategy, you can still help your retail partners to sell more of your products by creating optimised, channel-specific product content they can reuse on marketplaces.

What You Get
With eCommeleon

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One Process to Create & Manage Product Data

Whether you sell products on marketplaces or not, you can use eCommeleon's PIM functionalities to create highly optimised product listings, specific for each sales channel, without impacting your core product data.

Reduced Time-to-Market for New Products

Get your product data in order quickly and efficiently to hit the market faster. Build templates, create workflows and collaborate across teams to quickly and consistently add new product listings for any online sales channel.

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Everyone's a Marketplace Expert

With eCommeleon, no marketplace expertise is needed to start creating high-quality marketplace listings. Tell HR to stop looking for an Amazon expert, anyone on your team can handle this now!

Ready to Step Up Your
Marketplace Game?