Is eCommeleon a listing tool or PIM system?

No. eCommeleon sits outside of your Listing Tool (or PIM system) and is designed to help you optimise product data before it is added to a listing tool or uploaded within a marketplace. We do not offer the functionality to list to marketplaces directly or to manage orders.

eCommeleon offers several functionalities which you might wish your listing tool had. It can also be used to help you with migrating from one listing tool to another, or onboarding to a new listing tool.

Using eCommeleon, you can, however, export upload files for various marketplaces or listing tools.

Does eCommeleon replace the need for a listing tool?

No. Whilst listing tools (such as ChannelAdvisor, Linnworks, plentymarkets etc.) will allow you to launch your data on the marketplaces and manage your inventory and orders, eCommeleon is designed to help you create the perfect set of product data for your needs before you upload it into your listing tool.

To get the most out of cross-channel selling, you’d ideally use both a listing tool AND eCommeleon.

If you don’t yet have a listing tool, contact us to chat about which one could work best for you.

What is "marketplace validation"?

This allows us to compare the requirements from the marketplaces with your product data in order to allow you to add new products to a marketplace in a way which matches these requirements. This drastically reduces or even removes listing errors.

How does the pricing work?

Depending on the version of eCommeleon you choose to use, you’ll be allocated a set number of ‘credits’ per month.

1 Credit allows you to prepare data for 1 product on 1 channel. This means 5 credits will allow you to process 1 product on 5 channels, or 5 products on 1 channel.

Additional credits can be bought at any time, with discounts applied for bulk purchases.

What does eCommeleon replace?

Excel. That’s about it. Why? Because Excel isn’t designed with exactly your needs in mind.

Additionally, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, overhaul your shipping system, or pay for fancy new apps to use eCommeleon.

eCommeleon allows you to quickly improve your product-data workflow without having to learn complex Excel formulae or implement immense cross-company changes. This also makes it easier to onboard new employees, and for your in-house experts to save their expertise.