eCom­meleon enables online retail­ers to cre­ate mul­ti­ple data sets for all their online sales chan­nels through one intu­itive sys­tem.

Our pio­neer­ing mar­ket­place val­i­da­tion tech­nol­o­gy offers more than just source data improve­ment. You can take prod­uct infor­ma­tion from a range of sources to map, opti­mise and val­i­date it based on the require­ments set by the tar­get chan­nel.

for online and offline sales

Prepare product data

With a stream of new chan­nels, expand to as many mar­ket­places as you like


Marketplace validation

Cre­ate error-free list­ings via a mar­ket­place file, or through your list­ing tool



Utilise your prod­uct data from one mar­ket­place to start sell­ing on anoth­er one

channel by channel

Optimise product data

Improve sales by cre­at­ing the high­est qual­i­ty list­ings in the least amount of time

One system for marketplaces


One intu­itive process for all chan­nels lets you expand with­out learn­ing new exper­tise

10+ years’ experience


Aug­ment your exist­ing team and onboard new employ­ees quick­er than ever

For individuals or teams


Task-based projects let your team work effi­cient­ly with step-by-step data cre­ation

Consistent Quality

Great listings. Always.

Cre­ate all prod­uct data in one place to ensure your list­ings are as good as they can be

Frequently Asked Questions

Is eCommeleon a listing tool or PIM system?

No. eCom­meleon sits out­side of your List­ing Tool (or PIM sys­tem) and is designed to help you opti­mise prod­uct data before it is added to a list­ing tool or uploaded with­in a mar­ket­place. We do not offer the func­tion­al­i­ty to list to mar­ket­places direct­ly or to man­age orders.

eCom­meleon offers sev­er­al func­tion­al­i­ties which you might wish your list­ing tool had. It can also be used to help you with migrat­ing from one list­ing tool to anoth­er, or onboard­ing to a new list­ing tool.

Using eCom­meleon, you can, how­ev­er, export upload files for var­i­ous mar­ket­places or list­ing tools.

Does eCommeleon replace the need for a listing tool?

No. Whilst list­ing tools (such as Chan­nelAd­vi­sor, Lin­nworks, plen­ty­mar­kets etc.) will allow you to launch your data on the mar­ket­places and man­age your inven­to­ry and orders, eCom­meleon is designed to help you cre­ate the per­fect set of prod­uct data for your needs before you upload it into your list­ing tool.

To get the most out of cross-chan­nel sell­ing, you’d ide­al­ly use both a list­ing tool AND eCom­meleon.

If you don’t yet have a list­ing tool, con­tact us to chat about which one could work best for you.

What is "marketplace validation"?

This allows us to com­pare the require­ments from the mar­ket­places with your prod­uct data in order to allow you to add new prod­ucts to a mar­ket­place in a way which match­es these require­ments. This dras­ti­cal­ly reduces or even removes list­ing errors.

How does the pricing work?

Depend­ing on the ver­sion of eCom­meleon you choose to use, you’ll be allo­cat­ed a set num­ber of ‘cred­its’ per month.

1 Cred­it allows you to pre­pare data for 1 prod­uct on 1 chan­nel. This means 5 cred­its will allow you to process 1 prod­uct on 5 chan­nels, or 5 prod­ucts on 1 chan­nel.

Addi­tion­al cred­its can be bought at any time, with dis­counts applied for bulk pur­chas­es.

What does eCommeleon replace?

Excel. That’s about it. Why? Because Excel isn’t designed with exact­ly your needs in mind.

Addi­tion­al­ly, you don’t need to rein­vent the wheel, over­haul your ship­ping sys­tem, or pay for fan­cy new apps to use eCom­meleon.

eCom­meleon allows you to quick­ly improve your prod­uct-data work­flow with­out hav­ing to learn com­plex Excel for­mu­lae or imple­ment immense cross-com­pa­ny changes. This also makes it eas­i­er to onboard new employ­ees, and for your in-house experts to save their exper­tise.

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