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So, You're in eCommerce?
Welcome to the Jungle.

Don’t worry; we won’t let you lose your way. Our team have been around marketplaces since 2007 so we know how to navigate these parts.

eCommeleon adapts so you don't have to, helping you sell more products on more marketplaces in less time.


Marketplaces are complex.
eCommeleon adapts, so you don't have to.

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Connect your existing systems, data and processes to eCommeleon to use as your 'Source'


Use eCommeleon's powerful tools to transform & enrich your data for each of your target channels in a way that works for you


Push product data to marketplaces & shops and receive orders in your established systems

They say it has never been easier to sell online.

Whoever “they” are, one thing is clear: they haven’t juggled a rapidly growing number of product listings and marketplaces as they scale. You have. You know all too well that existing solutions are rigid, limited and unable to meet the ever-changing, disjointed requirements across sales channels. You have wasted time, money and resources organising messy product data, fixing listing errors and trying to align multiple marketplaces. The whole process is overwhelming and ineffective — and it hurts your bottom line.

With eCommeleon, you can put an end to all that.

Product Centre (PIM)

eCommeleon is your 'Single Source of Truth' for product data. Use our comprehensive, purpose-built tool-kit to efficiently create & optimise your product data, enrich it with channel-specific values and list it to your target channels.

€1,250 one-time* setup fee
€489 per month
  • 10,000 SKUs

  • 15 Feeds

  • 2 Hours' Support

  • Unlimited users

1% of GMV from connected channels

* first mapping - additional mappings upon request.

Our Clients

"Thanks to eCommeleon, we are finally able to provide easy access to customisable subsets of our product database which contains millions of SKUs. This has allowed us to add new avenues to our drop-shipping model and enable our customers to offer products for sale on a range of marketplaces.

Additionally, the eCommeleon software has enabled us to provide clean, optimised product data to marketplaces, something we’d never have been able to achieve with our previous systems."

Steffen Burmeister,
Libri GmbH

Product: Custom-Solution
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What's Next?


Choose a Product

Use our chatbot or get in touch to find out which of our products & services are best suited to help you achieve your marketplace goals.

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Arrange a time to discuss your goals with our team to see our software in action, discover where eCommeleon could add value and get answers to your questions.


Get Started

Kick things off with one marketplace, or go all-in and improve how your product data and marketplaces are managed: it's your call!


  • How long does the eCommeleon Onboarding take?
    There are obviously a lot of individual factors which play a role here so it's impossible to give a concrete answer, but a 'basic' setup (e.g. one of our Connector Apps) can be ready to use in a few days, whereas a completely customised configuration might take a few weeks. Generally speaking, we typically have the first marketplace live within a couple of weeks.
  • How does eCommeleon work?
    eCommeleon is a browser-based SaaS product - there's nothing to install. The flexibility of our solution means that we generally need to do some kind of onboarding process to get you up and running - this includes training your team on how to use eCommeleon for your specific goals. Every customer has a different set-up which is configured to their specific needs. Each account can have an unlimited number of users. An eCommeleon 'User' can have access to multiple accounts, and can have different access rights within each account. This is particularly useful for agencies or for businesses with multiple brands where it makes sense to have an account per brand.
  • What's the difference between the different eCommeleon products?
    The main difference between our various products/solutions is where & how product data is managed when connecting to marketplaces. Feed Management allows you to connect existing product data source(s) to eCommeleon. Here, you can adjust your data with some basic automation before it is passed on to your target marketplace. Product Information Management (PIM) is exactly what it sounds like. Product Centre isn't a traditional PIM, but was built specifically for marketplaces. You can use purpose built tools and functionalities to create & optimise product data for all of your target channels - either within our modern user interface or, if you prefer working in spreadsheets, via a connected Google Sheet. Connector Apps are pre-configured connections to allow you to close minor gaps in your existing technology stack. For example, if you've already got listings live on a Mirakl marketplace but your order management system doesn't offer an integration with this, we can update your stock levels, prices & orders between the two systems without you having to learn a new tool.
  • What kind of automation is possible with eCommeleon?
    eCommeleon boasts a number of tools & functionalities to help you create & optimise data specifically for marketplaces. Depending on which of our products you're using, you can expect to use eCommeleon to streamline a number of processes, including, but not limited to: - Assigning categories, required fields and valid values specific to your products - Converting data specific to the channel requirements - Creating optimised titles, bullet points or other values based on rules & lookup lists - Adding inventory buffers or channel-specific pricing - Cleaning/converting order data before it is passed to your order-management solution
  • What about order management?
    Every business manages orders differently, so it depends a bit on your specific needs. eCommeleon can: - Collect order data from connected marketplaces - Convert/'clean' this data based on your needs - Create invoices & packing slips based on templates as required by a marketplace - Provide the data to another system (e.g. Shopify, 3PL, WMS, OMS) - Calculate tax information for invoices in certain cases (contact us for more information) eCommeleon doesn't currently: - Have direct integrations with couriers to create labels or collect tracking information Other interesting use-cases regarding orders: - FBA multi-channel fulfilment: eCommeleon can pass orders from other channels to your MCF account for Amazon to fulfil - Multiple warehouse locations: eCommeleon can pass order data to multiple locations, e.g. if you want your 3PL to fulfil orders from a specific country or containing certain products, but will fulfil other orders yourself - White-label integrations: Your 3PL can use eCommeleon to collect order information from connected marketplaces without having to build these new integrations themselves
  • Is eCommeleon suitable for sellers with large inventories?
    In general, the more products you have, the more categories you sell in and marketplaces you connect to, the more value you'll get from eCommeleon. In practice, it depends on how you want to work. Generally speaking, the most efficient way to manage large amounts of product data is in a spreadsheet format. For sellers with larger inventories, we generally recommend working in a connected Google Sheet. This populates eCommeleon with the necessary data which can then be converted to the marketplace-specific formats based on mappings & automation suited to your products. eCommeleon is extremely flexible and we do our best to find a solution that works well for every customer. For larger inventories, this sometimes includes building a dedicated product database (current examples include millions of SKUs) which can be drawn upon as needed. The biggest factor is not necessarily how many products, but how much information each of these products contains. If each SKU has thousands of attributes with marketplace-specific data, it will slow down any system. Our 'Single Source of Truth' mentality is designed to help you figure out the best way to structure your data to enable your team to add products to marketplaces as quickly as possible. Contact us to find out more about this.
  • What about dropshipping?
    eCommeleon has a few different solutions for businesses running a dropshipping model: 1) You can connect multiple product data sources (i.e. the product data you get from manufacturers) to eCommeleon. This data can then be combined and improved in eCommeleon before being passed to your connected marketplaces 2) Orders from connected channels can be converted into the required format and then transferred to the manufacturer (or their logistics partner) to allow them to dispatch the order 3) eCommeleon works with existing partners who offer their products on a dropshipping model. For example, Libri offers millions of SKUs (mostly books, games, media) which can be offered on your Shopify or Shopware site via eCommeleon. You can find products which are suitable for your catalogue and eCommeleon will add them to your inventory automatically. Orders will then be passed onto Libri who will handle the logistics process.
  • What types of integration does eCommeleon support with marketplaces?
    eCommeleon supports 4 main types of integrations with marketplaces: 1) Requirements: We read the marketplace requirements and display these to you in an understandable format to allow you to optimised your product data for each of your target marketplaces. 2) Product Feeds: Once you've created your channel-specific data in eCommeleon, we'll transfer this to the marketplace to create or update listings for your customers to find. 3) Offer Feeds - Existing listings are regularly updated with current stock levels, prices and shipping times. 4) Order Feeds - eCommeleon receives order information from your connected marketplaces, converts this into a generic format and then passes it to your elected order management system (OMS) in their required format. From there, we'll collect shipping and tracking information and pass this back to the marketplace. Similarly, we'll take care of (partial-)returns, cancellations & refunds as long as these are supported by the marketplace and your OMS. This process is different for each marketplace; often some of the feeds are combined, or data must be provided differently (e.g. not via API), but eCommeleon aims to cover these 4 aspects with each supported marketplace.
  • What APIs does eCommeleon offer?
    We currently offer APIs to allow you to: 1) Push product data to eCommeleon to use as your 'Source' 2) Collect order data from eCommeleon / connected channels 3) Request requirement information from connected channels You can learn more about our integration philosophy here.
  • Why does eCommeleon charge a commission on sales?
    We believe in shared success, but yea, we'd also like a piece of that sweet, sweet pie. Frankly, we looked at what our competitors are doing and it seemed like the fairest way to build a scalable, yet still competitive pricing model. We're well aware that margins can be tight and that a % of GMV isn't suitable for all products/price-points, so feel free to suggest a better option if you'd like to use our products but aren't able to cut us off a slice of the pie.
  • What are the eCommeleon contract lengths?
    In general, 30 days. Check out our T&C's for more concrete information if you like, but suffice it to say that we don't plan to lock you in. For some services such as account management*, custom development or white-label solutions, customer-specific lock-ins are negotiated. * typically 90 days, for capacity planning purposes
  • What's with the chameleon?
    While looking for solutions to sell on marketplaces, you've likely noticed that both the marketplaces, and other channel-management solutions, require you as the seller to make considerable changes to your processes; particularly to your product data. At eCommeleon, we have no data requirements of our own. This means we adapt our system to the processes, tech-stack and goals of each customer - like a chameleon. eCommeleon = eCommerce:Chameleon - /ˈiːkɒm.ɪ.liː.ən/
  • Why eCommeleon?
    Our expertise is in marketplaces, and more specifically, product data for marketplaces. This comes from our background in an agency where our team of over 50 people worked daily inside of most leading channel-management tools on behalf of sellers just like you. Since 2007, our team battled with the complex and ever-changing product data requirements; the more products and the more marketplaces in play, the bigger the problem. That's why we built eCommeleon; originally as an internal tool to enable our team to efficiently create hundreds of thousands of listings, on multiple marketplaces, in multiple languages across all categories.

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