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eCommeleon & Billbee

Combining Billbee's extensive order management solution with eCommeleon's marketplace integrations allows you to turn your online business into an omnichannel business.

Connecting Billbee
to eCommeleon

Icon Product Data
You can use eCommeleon to create & manage marketplace-specific product data, or skip this step if you already have a solution for this.
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Choose which marketplaces you'd like to start selling on, and let our team set up the connections to your Billbee account.
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eCommeleon will synchronise orders, tracking information, stock levels & prices between your target marketplaces and your Billbee account.
eCommeleon <> Billbee

Connect Billbee to


Connect Billbee to Marketplaces
in 3 Easy Steps


Choose An
eCommeleon Product

Get in touch with our team to find out which of our solutions is best for your business.
Our PIM can help you manage all of your product data, but if you've already got this, you might only need our Integration Manager.


Choose Your Target

Zalando, OTTO, Kaufland and more; eCommeleon is building integrations to the top marketplaces in Germany and beyond to help you expand your online business into an omnichannel business. 


We'll Take Care
of the Rest

Our team have been helping sellers to expand via marketplaces since 2007. Every seller has different needs, each marketplace has different requirements. We'll setup a process which works best for your business.

Tamer Memis Managing Director, Benava GmbH (1)


"With eCommeleon we have a perfect complement to Billbee. With the tool, we have the opportunity to bring other channels on board that were not possible for us before due to a lack of integrations. Zalando, Mirapodo, fruugo are just a few examples here. The MIRAKL marketplace connection (Douglas, Shopapotheke, Conrad, Decathlon, Fressnapf and many more) is particularly exciting. This gives us access to dozens of relevant marketplaces in one fell swoop. Classics like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc. are of course also included. 

The great thing is that we only create each product once in eCommeleon. At the push of a button, the item is then created in all channels and also in Billbee. Marketplace-specific documents are also provided in eCommeleon. Prices and stocks are reliably synchronised. 

With eCommeleon, we were able to develop from an Amazon and Shopify retailer to a professional multichannel player. A great tool!"


What This Partnership Means for You


eCommeleon & Billbee

By combining the innovative, marketplace-first & completely flexible eCommeleon tools with the powerful Billbee technology, you'll have access to an all-encompassing solution to scale your eCommerce business to the next level.

Start selling on the most relevant marketplaces around the world with the support of the eCommeleon technology & services, and continue to manage the operations in the same way you already know how to.



Marketplaces are complex. eCommeleon adapts so you don't have to.

For us to configure eCommeleon in a way that works for your specific needs, we calculate a one-time onboarding fee to get you started.




Our monthly fee depends on the number of channels you'd like to connect to, how many products you'd like to sell there, and whether or not you need additional functionalities.


€29 per month


Our shared success model is based on the Gross Merchandise Volume that is processed via eCommeleon.

Discounts apply for high-volume sellers.

Plans starting at

1% of GMV

What Sets Us Apart

eCommeleon is built specifically to handle the complexities of selling on marketplaces.

Building technical integrations to transfer product data? That's the easy part.

The eCommeleon technology can handle product data in any format and provide it to a target channel in the way that this 'output' requires.

Rather than forcing you to change the way you work, eCommeleon adapts to you.

With eCommeleon, you can sell more products, on more marketplaces, in less time.


Connecting eCommeleon to Billbee allows you to:

Icon Bachelor Cap
Stop stressing about how different marketplaces work
Icon Store
Expand your business to the top marketplaces around the world
Icon Product Data
Regain control of your product data and streamline the process of creating new products

eCommeleon FAQs

I already have a solution for managing my product data. Can eCommeleon still help me?

Yes! If you have another way of managing your marketplace product data, then you only need eCommeleon to synchronise stock, prices & orders between these channels and your Billbee account - no problem!

Do I need to use the eCommeleon PIM?

No. But you can if you want to!

You have two options:

1) Prepare the product data for each marketplace yourself and connect it to eCommeleon via our CSV template. We'll then convert that data and pass it on to the target channel. If you get errors for your data, you can either quick-fix this in eCommeleon or you change it in your spreadsheet.

2) You can connect your existing product data in it's current format to eCommeleon and use our various rules, tools & automations create highly optimised, channel-specific product data for your target channels.

Quickly summarised:

Option 1 is a quick, cheap way to connect to marketplaces but requires a bit more setup on your side.

Option 2 is more expensive to get started but will give you a more scalable way to sell on marketplaces and will help you manage your product data far more efficiently than is possible in Billbee.

It is possible to 'upgrade' from option 1 to option 2 if you want to test things out first.

How long is the contract with eCommeleon?

Our standard contract is a rolling monthly agreement. That means you can cancel at any time to the end of the next calendar month (e.g. if you cancel on the 2nd or the 29th of March, your contract will end at on the 30th of April).

What is the Gross Merchandise Volume?

Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) is the order value we receive from the marketplace. We are unable to extrapolate a Net price for your item, so our shared success fee is based on the total price including shipping, taxes, marketplace fees etc.

If you'd like to add 1% to all of your marketplace prices to help cover this fee, you can do this via a simple automation in eCommeleon.

What else do I need to know about selling on marketplaces?

If you've never sold on marketplaces before, we encourage you to get in touch so we can help you prepare and make sure all of your ducks are in a row.

Click here to book a meeting with us to talk about your needs, or here to download our complete guide to selling on marketplaces.

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Ready to connect your Billbee to Marketplaces?

Marketplaces are complex. eCommeleon adapts so you don't have to.