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So, you’re in eCommerce? Welcome to the Jungle

Don’t worry; we won’t let you lose your way. Our team have been around marketplaces since 2007 so we know how to navigate these parts.

eCommeleon adapts so you don't have to, helping you sell more products on more marketplaces in less time.


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They say it has never been easier to sell online.

Whoever “they” are, one thing is clear: they haven’t juggled a rapidly growing number of product listings and marketplaces as they scale. You have.

You know all too well that existing solutions are rigid, limited and unable to meet the ever-changing, disjointed requirements across sales channels.

You have wasted time, money and resources organising messy product data, fixing listing errors and trying to align multiple marketplaces.

The whole process is overwhelming and ineffective — and it hurts your bottom line.

With eCommeleon, you can put an end to all that.


How eCommeleon Works


It’s easy: simply connect your product data to eCommeleon and choose which marketplaces and countries you want to create listings for.


eCommeleon will help you adjust and optimise your product data to meet the marketplace requirements.


To complete the process, select your preferred method of pushing the data. That’s all: your products are now online, error-free.
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What eCommeleon Can Do For Your Business


Real Single Source of Truth

Stay in total control of product data. Use a single, user-friendly portal to send consistent messaging across consumer sales channels and modify your marketplaces in real time — all without disrupting business operations.


Higher-Quality Data

Benefit from better-organised and consistent product data across the board, resulting in cost savings, faster time to market and, ultimately, more sales.


Omnichannel System

To make it in the eCommerce world, diversification is key. eCommeleon enables you to diversify your sales channels and marketplaces and optimise the existing ones to sell more products in more places in less time.

Get Started with
eCommeleon in 3 Easy Steps


Take the Quiz

Answer a few simple questions to learn more about eCommeleon and see if it is the right solution for your business. This should only take a few minutes of your time. No sales call required.


Book a Call

If eCommeleon seems right, schedule a call to tell us more about your operational challenges. Our marketplace experts will advise you on which version of eCommeleon might work best for you.


See a Demo

We can give you a product walkthrough during the initial call. However, it would be better to do this after we have more details, such as a sample of your product data or information about your existing tech stack and processes.

More Than Just Another eCommerce Software

Originally developed as an agency solution to help online retailers expand into international marketplaces, the eCommeleon technology has been improving since 2007 and has been used to support over 10,000 marketplace project, enabling hundreds of sellers to launch and sell products on virtually every major marketplace.

Take it from us, there’s more to eCommerce than Amazon.

However, we also understand that marketplaces make managing products across platforms more challenging than it should be — and existing listing tools failed to deliver adequate solutions.

This is why we created a solution of our own: eCommeleon.

Our software integrates with all major marketplaces and collates channel-specific requirements from international sales channels to help you sell anywhere, easily.


eCommeleon enables you to:

Sell on any marketplace without learning how each one works
Easily scale up and enter new markets
Improve brand visibility and consistency across channels
Automate the creation of marketplace listings without sacrificing quality

eCommeleon FAQs

Is eCommeleon expensive?

Our pricing scales with you and allows you to budget ahead of time. No surprises here! Simply choose the product and plan that meets your needs, select any necessary bolt-ons, and you're good to go!

Learn More

Is the software difficult to navigate?

Since 2007, our team have worked with every major eCommerce software available. eCommeleon is built to fill in the gaps left by these products, specifically with marketplace sellers in mind.

As with any new software, there'll be a learning curve, but we promise that this is a lot easier than figuring out how each marketplace works!

What is the implementation time?

If you're already selling on marketplaces, we could have you set up in eCommeleon and launched on a new one within a few hours.

Depending on the state of your existing product data, how you'd like to connect your systems to ours, and what your overall plans are, a typical onboarding will take between 2 days and 4 weeks.

I already use compelling tools. Is eCommeleon a good choice for me?

eCommeleon can be used to complement or replace your existing tool-suite. What we do, we do well, but we don't do everything.

For example, if you already have a PIM or another listing tool, you might not need those functionalities from us, but our marketplace-specific functionalities will help you squeeze more value out of your current system.

You can learn more about our products here, or take a quiz to find out which of our products could suit your needs here.

Which channels can eCommeleon integrate with?

The short answer is "any".  eCommeleon is built specifically to quickly and easily integrate new channels and marketplaces. Although our priority is marketplaces (of which we already offer all major global marketplaces and are constantly adding more), we can quickly build new integrations via our flexible technology. If you need a specific channel (e.g. your website, warehouse management or ERP system, B2B customers, retail databases, an accounting system, or anywhere else), we can often connect these in as little as 2 hours.

How do I connect to eCommeleon?

eCommeleon is extremely flexible. You can connect your existing systems to eCommeleon via all standard methods including API, XML, CSV, file exchange, file upload or any combination of these. Similarly, if you need to get data out of eCommeleon (such as orders), you can collect it via our API, or we can make it available via any of the above methods.

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Tired of poor marketplace integrations, disjointed eCommerce ecosystems and manual SKU management?

eCommeleon can give you the flexibility you need to hit the market and scale your business faster.